David Lee Sronce

David Lee Sronce aka Aspen Heart Turnings by Dave

Born and raised in Colorado, I have always had an affinity for the mountains and forests. My passion with  woodworking started in high school when I took wood shop for the first time. My favorite thing to do was work on the lathe. It seemed like magic the way the wood took shape almost on its own and made itself into what it wanted to be.
I started using aspen, and really came to appreciate the deep beauty that is the heart of the aspen tree.  Now when my wife Stacy & I ride through the aspen groves I’m looking for the perfect stock to make my creations. I use fallen aspen logs and let nature do the aging for me.
You can find my aspen vases at Raven House Gallery and Durango Trading Post. I hope you like what I have made!

Raven House Gallery

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